This problem of erectile dysfunction has been there for many years and there have always been way that it has been handled. In the past most of the treatment methods were through natural remedies that did actually work combined with the kind of lifestyle that people used to live. However, these method are no longer used and people have subsequently changed their lifestyle causing an escalation of erection dysfunction among many men. Here are some of the things that has made a lot of met to suffer from impotency in the recent times.

Reasons which has largely contributed to increase of impotence in men

  • One of the main factor is alcohol where many men are nowadays drinking excessive alcohol which has in turn negatively affected their sexual health. The manner and ingredients which are being used to make alcohol can increase the toxic substance in the body that could affect how the body functions as well as production of testosterone hormone. This will then cause a man to have a weak erection or even fail to have it all together.
  • Smoking is also a harmful habit that most men have been addicted to. There people who have developed dependency on tobacco which can damage the hormones that can help in helping in forming an erection.
  • Exposure to radio waves is common nowadays with almost every gadget that we carry around emitting these waves including the phones that we carry around. These electromagnetic waves also affect the man hormone and can lead to impotency and its important that men should expose their genitals into these gadgets.
  • High usage of plastic has also an effect in this matter. Most of the items we buy are packaged in plastic and when these plastics are heated can affect the function of estrogen hormones. This will definitely affect the potency of a man.
  • High usage of pesticides in agriculture. Many men who are directly in the rural areas are exposed to high amount of pesticide which is used in farming. This has an effect on men and they will start experiencing ED problem after exposure to these harmful chemicals.
  • Many men are facing pressure in homes as well as in their work places where they are required to provide even though things are tough. This causes them to be stressed and this is another problem that has increased ED among men these days. Men are looked up to be the head of their family and incase they are not able to provide as required then they will usually develop these problem which can affect their sexual relation with their wives.

What are the best traditional method that are used to address this problem

Even before the arrival of drugs such as free trial viagra and cialis people used to treat erectile dysfunction in the past. There were methods which were used to treat this problem and in fact they played a huge role in helping to develop some of the drugs that are being sold in the market today. Below are some of the popular methods that have been used to treat ED in men. Instead of being worried of the side effects that come with manufactured drug you can use these traditional method which have been used in the past to treat erectile dysfunction:

  • Use of erosema plant which is orally taken just like the pills that you buy in shop. This plant roots is boiled and the solution is taken for several days before bed and it has been used to treat this problem in some countries especially in African countries.
  • Withaniaor Ashwagandha this is a herb which has been used in the past to sure impotency in men. The herb works through improving the overall hormone function and thereby increasing the sex drive in men. The herb originally came from Asia but is now packaged and sold around the world thanks to online shops
  • Ginseng root is also another herb which has been used to treat this problem traditionally. The herb has been proven to increase the sexual performance of men and it is used by natives in America even though other people have discovered the importance of this herb.
  • Yohimbe tree is also another traditional remedy that is known for sustaining erection for long in men. The part which is used for this treatment is the bark of the tree which is taken by a man and it helps in blood circulation in the sexual organ and thereby promoting erection in men.

Other natural remedies known for treating this problem

Eating well is one of the method which has been used in the past and is still effective in fighting this problem. There are several types of food which can help to boost male sexual performance and they are as follow.

Meals that help to boost sexual performance in men

  • Walnuts this is one of the best food that help in making a firm erection
  • Fish such as salmon as well as tuna can also be effective when it comes to improving sex in men
  • Beans also contain arginine which help in production of nitric oxide which is responsible in erection in men
  • Sunflower
  • Green vegetables

Engaging in physical exercise can also help in boosting sexual performance in bed. When blood is able to flow to reproductive organs then erection can easily be achieved whenever a man want to have sex with his partner. This is therefore a natural way that you can use to treat this problem.