sex traditions and problems with potencyOur wide world brought to us knowledge of many cultures with their traditions. Every single tribe has its own features and as the result, their attitude about everything that happens in the world is not the same. Sex is an important part of every culture and it was very interesting to create a research of features, which they could offer to the world. By the way, our research was about problems with the potency too, because it is not a secret that this kind of disease is common all around the world and there is no certain race which can show a kind of immunity from it. So, we are going to find all features which are available to understand different attitudes and maybe learn some lessons.

Sex and traditions

What are the main countries which we can associate with sex?! Truth is that this list consists of a few points. The most important of them are:

  • India.
  • France.
  • Italy.

India appeared on this list because of their greatest invention – we talking about Kama Sutra.

Love and sex in the ancient centuries, in this country, played an interesting role in people’s lives. Ancient Indians thought that sex is the way to make other men (sometimes animals) feel love. Today Indian people are trying to avoid inconvenient memories about sex with animals which were embodied into the huge quantity of temples, monuments etc. Anyway, their real status as the country of love came after their amazing book about poses in sex got its popularity.

Interesting fact – some professional doctor in sexology recommends to use some drugs,sex traditions and problems with potency for example, Cialis for sale along with the Kama Sutra. The first brings influence on your body and the second one on your mind.

The next one country of our list is France. It took this position because some interesting ratings and interviews showed that French men are the most passionate lovers. France is full of different points of sexual views and they are everywhere: from literature to the movies. The most common point of view is that France got this status because its people have wild natural desires and they are not afraid to show them. People are not afraid to buy Cialis online as the experiment or to get another drug just to get new experience in sex.

The last one from the list is Italy. Warm sun and soft wind of freedom made Italian men being onesex traditions and problems with potency of the most sensitive lovers. Interesting fact – this is the first one country which got free Cialis coupons on the market. It means that Italian people are always ready to have new emotions and nothing can stop them on the way to freedom.

Different Nations and sex problems

And now let us slowly turn the topic into the discussion about different nation’s attitude about sex problems.

It would be interesting to know that in South Africa someone who lost his male power becomes the leader of the tribe. It was explained by special tradition and legend that when the gods erase sexual desire from man’s life it meant that his mind turns clear and now he is available to think deeper and create important decisions for the whole tribe. It is interesting that in fact without hormonal activity it is possible to concentrate on other areas of your life and it means that people in Africa were right.

In Europe, people’s attitude about problems with potency was not the same. Men’s weakness meant that now there is no possibility of children. It always brought the danger and people were trying to avoid this disease with all available methods.

In Asia, men’s weakness was equal to death. People tried to hide it from everyone and it was important to always prove that you are still a man. It meant that women born children many times per life. In the case when there were not many people in your family, which meant your own tribe, it was not safe to live.

Modern people’s attitude to problems with potency when we already have professional treatment

Today, when we already have drugs, such things like Cialis side effects or other unexpected effects of treatment always brings wild guesses. As the result people who don’t know the truth born the wrong attitude about drugs. In fact, people who do know can prove that sex after treatment or daily use could save previous positions and quality. Most of the cases demonstrate increasing of sex power but never regress.

Anyway, our ancient traditions tell us that disease is a sign of weakness, and it issex traditions and problems with potency not easy to fight with that. The only one way to make other men do not believe that ED and the same problems are the ends of the sex life is just to make him go through it with the own experience.

So, as you can see, in different parts of the world attitude is not the same. It is based on the people’s experience, natural conditions, traditions and many other factors. Anyway, modern medicine and little changes in your daily routine could help you to avoid effects even from the most dangerous disease.