Differences between sexSexual traditions are a very interesting theme because they belong to everyone, and sometimes time brings a huge influence in this area. It is always interesting to learn the history of something important in our life and sex is no exception. So, today we are going to learn the main changes which appeared in this area during the history of humanity. Of course, this topic should be done on the basis of certain culture’s traditions, but we will try to generalize the material, which will have connections with people all over the world.

Ancient woman’s role in sex

It is not hard to guess that a woman’s role in sex at the ancient times wasn’t too pleasant and the reason was patriarchy. Everything depended to the wild instincts and it means that the woman was a kind of slave of a man. The men were always more powerful, which meant that women depended on them. If things went wrong, it would be not easy to survive. So man always brought a kind of security, because the sense of ownership played the main role in their nature.

The woman’s main role was to satisfy wild sexual desire. As the result, they bore children and it helped to create the strong base of evolution of civilization.

Middle centuries

When the wild period of humanity’s evolution was finished and women got rights, their role turned into the hearth keeper. Men still had the role of breadwinner, but at the same time history got the rudiments of law. It meant that now people should follow a more rules, and all atrocities were gone.

Sex became an instrument of childbirth. It was the main role because in the middle centuries the main target was to survive against the epidemics and war. A big family meant a strong tribe. More people – more power – more protection – more hands to work in the fields and bring the food.
So, pleasure went into the background, and the main role belonged to childbirth.

18th-19th centuries

Now the main target is pleasure again. When society got more rules and everything became explained, it became a time for rest.

This period was very bright in France – where people bore their own culture of sex. It was the time of experiments and passionate love.

Modern times

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So, sex finally turned into the mix of its properties. Now people can make love without fear of being pregnant, if the only one reason for them is to get pleasure. At the same time, it is possible to use support to make the chance of pregnancy higher. Anyway, today sex means respect of both genders and their preferences. It means that sex finally got balance.