Men are usually worried when they have to discuss about sexual health and when they think that they have a condition that can affect their sexual performance they start getting depressed. The solution to this problem can actually be avoided only if a person who is suffering can decide to open up with the doctor. For those who don’t know what is ED, this is a condition where a male is not able to have an erection and incase he manages to he can last for long. This is one of the most embarrassing thing that you can encounter as a man and can sometime cause problem in a relationship. Women always love to be sexually satisfied and a person suffering from this problem will not achieve this. The best thing is that this is a problem which is curable and if you seek medical help it will be a thing of the past.

What are the main causes of ED

Many people usually think that this is condition that affect weak men and since they are presently able to have a stiff erection they can’t be such men. This is a wrong myth which even affect those people and due to what other people will think they prefer to stay like that suffering in silent. For avoidance of doubt this is just a normal illness that can catch a man like cold or even diabetes. It is caused by various underlying factors such as:

Erection dysfunction

  • Kidney disease – people who are suffering from kidney will find themselves at one point having a weak erection and this can be due to poor blood flow to the penis.
  • High blood pressure – men who are suffering from high blood pressure will find themselves suffering from erection problem and this is also related to blood flow in the penis shaft.
  • Diabetes is also a major cause in men.
  • Prostate cancer can also cause this problem as it affect the muscles as well as the glands responsible in causing an erection as well as maintaining it.
  • Sometime injury to the penis can cause this problem especially if the injury affected the muscles.
  • Aging can also be a factor that contribute to this problem. Elderly people are at a higher risk of developing this problem as well.

Other temporal cause

Erection dysfunction

Apart from complicated issues that affect this problem people who have the following conditions can temporarily experience this problem.
Stress is a problem that can cause erectile dysfunction in men. When a man is under too much pressure he can develop this problem and as result fail to raise in the occasion when it comes.
Depression just like stress can lead to this disorder.
Low self esteem can also cause this problem when the time comes. If a man feel intimidated or inferior to a woman this condition can arise.
Anxiety is also a factor that can lead to ED and its important that men to keep calm whenever they are planning to have sex.

What are the treatment that you can get

You can also get specializedErection dysfunction treatment to reverse an injury on the penis. This are complex surgical procedures that are used to get rid of this problem. This is done to people who have injuries on their penis and they would like reconstruction to be done.

There is also another method of treatment that involve injecting the penis with special medication either to kill bacteria or other organism that may affect how the penis function other by inhibiting erection.
You can also hear a situation where testosterone is replaced in case it is a hormonal issue and the cause of this problem. This is mainly done to aged men who their hormone fail to carry out their function.

One people start experiencing this problem they usually start by going to the nearest chemist to look for a drug that can get rid of this problem. Even though this may work in the short-term its always recommended to visit a doctor so that proper diagnosis of the problem can be done. For instance cialis price is very low and this can tempt one to buy and don’t visit a doctor to get the problem checked. You will find many shops that offer these medication sale online where it makes it more accessible to many. This is what has led to strict rules being place over the sale of the same in some countries. For those who have been cleared by the doctor to use the drug can find a coupon which they can use to buy these product online at a discounted price.