There are so many studies which have been done to establish whether erectile dysfunction is related to infertility in men. This has been done extensively and results have shown that there is a great correlation between the two. Therefore if you don’t take care of your health, then you can be sure that not only will you fail to be active in bed but you might also be incapable of impregnating a girl. This therefore becomes a serious issue that you may need to address before it gets out of hand. The good news is however that you can get the treatment that you need for this problem.

How ED can make you infertile

One of the purpose of the penis is to penetrate a woman’s vagina so that sperm can be deposited into the womb where fertilization can take place. However, for this to happen you are required to have a hard, erected penis. This is the only way that you can stimulate the sexual organ so that they can release the sperm from the male body to the female womb. Without an erection it is impossible to penetrate a woman and you will not be able to fertilize the woman when having sex. Also since there will be no erection it’s hard to stimulate the body so that you have an ejaculation. This will make a person fail to impregnate a woman and that’s how infertility comes about. Therefore it’s important that you should treat this condition early so that you can be sure that you can avoid getting even into greater trouble as a man. Before this you may need to know some of the things that contribute to this problem.

Main causes of erectile dysfunction

There are various causes which can result in men developing this problem. They can be divided into various categories which include:


How erectile dysfunctionMany men don’t have the greatest lifestyle, and this has caused many of them to develop this problem. Some of the things that contribute this problem under this category include:

  • Smoking – when men smoke too much then they are inviting health problems and among these problems include ED.
  • Alcohol – many men engage in excessive alcohol drinking which in turn can cause this problem and also lead to infertility as well.
  • Lack of exercise – as men spend most of their time in offices they eat too much and do not exercise, to the point where it affects their capabilities to enjoy sex with their partners.


This is another cause of impotency in men where they get sick and as a result end up developing this problem. Some situation can be temporary while some others may take time before they can be solved.

How erectile dysfunctionStress is one of the conditions that can
easily cause men to have erectile dysfunction. Whenever a man is under a lot of stress they can definitely develop this problem.

Depression – this is a mental condition where a man is emotionally affected for a long time due to various issues he may be facing.

Prostate cancer, this is a disease that affects the reproductive organs of a man. This is a complex disease which may require intensive medical treatment and can take some time before it can be cured.

Injuries can also cause this problem in men. This is where the male organ is injured and a tissue or the muscle can prevent a penis from getting an erection.

Other factors
Age can also play a huge role when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Oldermen are more likely to encounter this problem but in recent times many young men have been diagnosed with this problem. Young men frequently don’t have a very healthy lifestyle and this has caused them to experience these problems.

How erectile dysfunctionDiet: the kind of diet that men are eating can also contribute to this problem. Failure to eat balanced meal can cause the men to experience this problem as the body may lack the proper nutrients that it requires.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Whenever you find that you can’t have an erection or can’t sustain one then you should try to find a doctor so that you can get the proper treatment for this problem. There are various ways that this problem is handled including:

• Medication

This is where the doctor will use drugs to cure the problem. This is mostly offered to aged men and those in whom their condition has been a result of minor causes.

• Surgeries

This is mostly done on people who have had injuries. Thereafter reconstruction of the organ is done to facilitate erection.

• Therapy

This is done for those people who are suffering from emotional problems.

When this issue is involved, it is also important that you speak to your doctor so that you can find out the alternative treatments that you can have. There are many other methods of treatment that you can use to get rid this problem. For drugs, you may need to ask whether there is a free trial program where you can be given some samples to try out and see whether there will be any changes. This can also help to address the issue of side effects. Before buying you can discern the right drugs that you can rely on. This way you can avoid getting into the problem of becoming infertile, and be able to satisfy your partner sexually.