Sometimes it is possible to find a case when both of partners are healthy, hormones are in normal status, imagination works but somehow sex is gone from their life. It happens but at the same time, it is not a reason to relax and forget about your sexual life. In fact, there are many reasons for this phenomenon and practice shows that all cases, even when we talk about a long married pair, can be fixed. So, today we are going to discuss the most common reasons which could erase sex from your life. This conversation should have a kind of support, and in this case, its role will belong to the drugs, like Viagra and Cialis. We are going to use them because practice shows that the best way to create attention to sex is to think about how amazing that could be. So, here we go.

Lack of sex on the basis of tiredness

It is a pretty common situation when both partners come home after their long day at work. Both of them are tired and the only thought in their heads is to relax, but at the same time, they forgot that positive emotions and satisfaction is the best way to make you forget about tiredness. Yes, in that case, it would be important to make a little effort, but at the same time, all you need is just to start, because after that, your body will remember about possible pleasure, and everything is going to be alright.

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“No sex” as the result of lack of attraction

Yes, sometimes, whensexual desire you live together for a long time, your partner can lose her previous attractiveness. It happens not because partner forgot about caring. The main reason is that now she is close to you and there is no more reason to think about it.

It is a kind of forbidden fruit effect – you know that she is yours and there is no point to make you feel the fear of losing her. By the way, you probably already had sex with her. It means that all kinds of joy she could offer to you, you already got.

At the same time, it is always possible to fix this desire and bring you back to the previous passion. In this case, Cialis generic and other supplements which could bring you support for erection is a kind of hit which will remind you and your partner about love and sex.

No sex because she doesn’t want it

One of the most common reasons for lack of sex in the middle ages – the female partner doesn’t want it. There could be many reasons, but here are most interesting of them:

  • A test showed that women don’t want to have sex with their partners because they realized that they can’t pretend anymore. Yes, that is sadly the truth. Most of the men can’t bring the joy to their partner just because of the lack of knowledge. Women are always afraid to discuss this question with their partners and as they reason, they starting to pretend that sex brings them joy. As the result, we have many years of fake stimulation and the deep abyss between two people. The smartest way will be to bring the influence which will make your woman feel excitation and only after that use the pill. Learn everything she loves (by the way, don’t forget about the clitoris – this way is the most effective and at the same time, most common one). If you have an opportunity, ask about her orgasms and make conclusions. Pay attention to the body language – sometimes everything woman is afraid to say she can embody into the language of her movements.
  • No romance. Yes, it is classic. When you turned back from gorgeous princess back into the sad citizen, there is no more area for imagination and attraction. Play role-playing games – make her dreams come true. If she loves flowers – don’t forget to buy them. If she always was a fan of Bond films, find your tuxedo and don’t forget about your vodka martini.

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No sex because of the children

sexual desireIt is a common excuse. Don’t you have a bathroom or parents who can sit with your baby, while you will remind each other of what sex is? In fact, even if both of solutions don’t exist, it is always possible to hire a nanny for one day. It is less expensive than what you are going to spend during the harsh divorce on the basis of spoiled sexual relationships.

So, as you can see, sex is not a thing which depends on many conditions. It could be compared to the flower – without care, it will die, but with water and fertilizer it will always make you happy with the amazing beauty. So, if we have available pharmaceutical methods of supporting, why we should live without sex? Don’t afraid to support your sex and it will bring you positive results.