The phenomenon of impotency is hidden by tons of fake information. There are many reasons why it is an impossibility to get the truth but the main one is that all questions about that are forbidden. Yet, the power which helps men to have sex should be clear and we shouldn’t be afraid of asking such kinds of the questions. Anyway, today we are going to show you the most popular myths about impotency and here we go.

Myth #1 – men with big sized genitals are always saved from impotence.

Of course, it is not true. In fact, real size has no any connection with health problems (the only exception is when size depends on some genetic disease or something like that). This myth appeared on the base of guesses that size matters and it is not easy to contradict  that.

Myth #2 – 40 years is the end of sexual activity.

In fact, nature made its own corrections in this question. If we talking about cycles, 40 years is the age when hormonal activity gets changes. It is a natural way to create the balance in men’s health. Now his power is concentrated on other systems and reproduction goes to the secondary position.

Anyway, even in the cases where ED came into the man’s life, it is always possible to use Cialis generic and forget about all possible problems with potency.

By the way, the main potency quality depends not on age, it depends on:

  • emotional condition;
  • mental health;
  • health status.

It means that someone at the age of 40 could appear more healthy than a younger person with weaker health. But even if the first signs of hormonal changes appear it is always possible to get fast treatment. It could be based on a wide range of drugs, but one of the most recommended for men of this age group is Canadian Cialis.

Most recent tests showed that high status in society is one of the basic elements which help to keep hormonal level. It means that a successful man is always a sexually active man. By the way, recent tests showed that side effects of Cialis can’t bring real damage to man’s health and it means that they could be used as the stimulation for a single case, or as the regular basis of your passionate love.

myth #3 – fast partner change brings impotency.

Of course, that is not the truth.myths about impotency A man’s body resources can’t use something more than it is able. It means that if tiredness and lack of emotional desire occur, there will be no way to have passionate sex.

But at the same time, this problem could be observed from another side – sex always brings stress if we are talking about previous phases of relationships. No-stress-sex is an action with a habitual partner. It means that regular sex with one partner can protect you from possible diseases. That is the basic recommendation for men who want to keep their power as long as it is possible.

So, as you can see, there are many different myths about impotency and not all of them have the base. It is always possible to use your mind to analyze everything around you and do not believe everything people says.