Male potencyWhen two people are in love sexual relationship is very important in strengthening the bond between two people. However there are situation when this can be affected and not everything may work as required due to many factors. When one realize that they cannot have an erection or maintain it this can cause then to develop low self esteem which is very dangerous and can even affect their social lives. Many men will avoid even being close with women in fear that they may develop something a relationship and later fail to satisfy them making them a laughing stock.

Signs that shows that you are suffering from this problem

If you are a man then you should know that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction if you cannot have an erection even when you are close to a woman who you are really interested in. a normal man will have an erection even when a woman is not physically there but when he thinks about her as long as he is really interested in her. So if she is close to you and you are not somehow having even a small erection then this can be a sign of this problem. Another sign that you may be suffering from this problem is when you can’t have an erection after having a foreplay with a woman.

For example you are with your girlfriend or wife and you started kissing and you can still have an erection then this is a red flag that things could be worse as they seem to be. You could also tell that you may have an erection problem if for any case you need to buy cheap cialis and take it for you to enjoy sex. If it cannot happen naturally and you find that you need to buy these pills then that is a sign that you may need to seek medical help. Impotency can also be identified if you discover that you cannot maintain a firm erection for a long duration. This therefore you can’t have sex as the penis can become weak during the act.

Contributing factors to this problem

There are severalMale potency main contributing factors to this problem where depending of the cause for it you can easily know how to go about in treating this problem. For instance one of the main cause of this problem is our living lifestyle. Many men are not taking care of their health and body and as a result their body become target of lifestyle disorder among them being this problem. A good example is smoking and if you may notice the rate at which many who are smoking is increasing at a high rate. Some people become addicted to smoking where they can even smock more than twenty cigarette a day.

This is one thing has played a bigger role in development of this problem in men. Another thing that has also contributed to this problem is alcoholism. Some men will take alcohol until they are no longer capable to control themselves. Consistent drinking of alcohol will also make this problem to develop. Lack of exercise is also another cause to this problem. You should realize that by exercising you allow the blood to circulate in the body and hence supply all the tissue with required nutrients. This is what the penis need just like any other organ in the body. This problem can also be caused by emotional problems that can be caused by many factors.

Natural ways that you can treat ED

Male potency

There are various ways of dealing with erectile dysfunction in men and you can choose the best that suit you well. As we have seen many of the causes of this problem has been caused by poor living lifestyle and therefore this problem can easily be dealt with by changing our lifestyle habits. Below are some of the natural ways that you can use to treat this problem.

  • Eating well – a man with Ed can be surprised on how this problem can disappear only by eating well. A balanced diet is good to your health and it is important that you eat so that the body get enough nutrients used to supply to all body organs.
  • Eat meals which are highly rich in fiber as these nutrients that are available in this category help in nourishing the hormones that play a huge role in controlling erection. Example of food under this category include fruits, seeds such as pumpkin seeds nuts as well as the vegetables.
  • Vitamins are also essential when it comes to fighting this problem. Green vegetables as well as wheat are rich in vitamin E which is also important in keeping male sexual organ in good shape.
  • Exercising can also be important when it comes to fighting this problem
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks as they contain toxic substance that interfere with the hormones that are responsible in erection.

Other treatment options

Drugs can also be used to cure this problem and some are even sold without a prescription. You can easily find drugs on ale online and you can make an order whenever you feel like. For instance cialis price is one of the most affordable one and in case your situation is not that bad you can try to treat this problem using these drugs.