Love has many shades and sex is one of them. It is not easy to imagine how is it possible to provide an emotional exchange without being intimate. By the way, when someone falls in love, his body starts to produce special hormones and their the only target is being sexual with that special person.

Sex can save your relationshipsThis fact is the basis of another one – this kind of behavior and pheromones which the body already directed to the chosen one means that it will get responsive. It will factor into the hormonal activity too, and on the basis of two groups of hormones, we can get an emotional attachment. By the way, did you ever heard that love lives only 3 years? This fact has the explanation – it is the age of pheromone groups which made a union from both resources (from each member of the pair). After this period the chemistry of love could die, but if someone wants to make it rise like a phoenix, it is important to support previous hormonal activity. It means that the most effective one way to provide it is sexual activity.

What if sexual activity is impossible because of ED

Such kinds of questions are not a problem today because now we have the amazing competition of Viagra vs Cialis. These two available ways of treatment presents:

  • The possibility of almost 2 days of support.
  • Daily use
  • 5-8 hours of support.

It means that this gives us the perfect choice and already discovered side effects with influences on the health condition could provide safety. It means that if someone endangers their love because of ED, this person doesn’t know about generic Cialis and other pills from its group.

How drugs could save your love

We should approach this issue from one important moment – the cost of Cialis and other drugs prices are pretty available and it means that expenses should not become the barrier on your way.
Anyway, the main point is about their influence on the health and love. So, here are some facts and interesting points to think about:

  • Classic sex always includes a standard set of poses and in couples who are in together for many years, anything new is out of the habit. But at the same time, a fresh experience is the way to bring hormonal activity and open new horizons with your partner. Sometimes experiments aren’t done because of the fear, lack of enthusiasm and problems with the potency too. By the way, fear that something could go wrong is a barrier too. In these cases, drug support is the best decision ever.
  • You can make it secretly. Just find the date of the anniversary, use the drug and show your “real” love and passion. You can accompany it with the speech that “this is how much I love you” or something like that. For a soft female heart that would be enough to make the fire of your love stronger.
  • If you have full-time ED it is possible to use daily doses. Their use will never bring you side effects but at the same time you will be protected from disappoints in love and as the result, your love is going to be saved.

By the way, sometimes women are curious to have sex with someone who used this kind of drug – it always brings new emotions and tests of their own sexual stamina.

Why ED should be destroyed

Life is short and if you decide not to get help for your EDSex can save your relationships, you should know that it is a wrong decision. You should take every moment of your pleasure and don’t forget to get additional support as the method of bringing freshness into your relationships.

Health status questions

The thing is that ED can appear as the result of some health system disorders. It is important to know the basic reason because if taken wrongly, it is possible to lose the opportunity of saving your health status during the treatment. The correct choice will bring to you real support and make you forget about fear of not being sexual.

So, as you can see, ED is not a reason to forget about your sex life. It is an important point to start a new era of your experience – a drug-supported one. Don’t be afraid of this new phase of your life, because it will open to you a new world and it will help to save your love.