The high number of people who are suffering from impotency is going up at an alarming rate because of many factors. You will find young and energetic men having this problem which has been for a long time been seen as a problem for the old people or sick men. This is no more and with the way things are going it is hard to tell whether its due to the lifestyle we are living or just simply due to the way we are brought up. It doesn’t matter what you think but the most interesting thing that you should know is that it is possible to treat this condition without the need to undergo stressful treatment methods. However for you to actually be put on a treatment procedure it is important that you undergo necessary tests that will prove that you are suffering from this disorder.

impotency in men

Below are some of the method of tests of erectile dysfunction

The first method that is used in determining whether a patient is suffering from erectile dysfunction or not is the blood tests. Once a patient walk into a medical facility and complain of this problem one of the test that can be done is on blood. The blood is tested various thing to make sure that it passes this test including the amount of oxygen in the blood as well as the content of nutrients in the blood. From this test it is possible to tell what might be the underlying problem and proper medication is administered to solve this problem.

Another test which is common for patient suffering from this problem include mental health check up. As we know one of the biggest contributor of this problem in men is their mental status which largely play a huge role in causing ED. When a person is so stressed then this can be an indication that this problem has been caused by this mental condition. There are drugs which can be given to relieve someone from stress and depression and by taking these drugs then this problem can just disappear like that.

impotency in menThere is also an ultra sound of the penis which is also done in highly specialized facilities where the blood flow is determined to make sure that it flows as required around the genital so that it can assist in an erection when the time comes. If blood fails to reach every region of the shaft of the penis then you can be sure that there will be no erection that can occur. In case there is a discovery that the blood cannot flow into some capillaries then a more complex procedure can be done to correct this problem including surgical procedures.

Overnight erection is another procedure which is undertaken to check what is the extent of the problem.
The patient will be asked to maintain the erection for a whole night and if they fail to do so even a single time then they are put on the necessary treatment of this problem.

There is also another medical test which is known as urinalysis where a sample of the urine is taken for lab analysis. This is then checked against known problems that cause this problem and in case something is discovered the treatment will automatically start from there.

Type of the treatment that you can seek when you have impotency

Once you have been tested and diagnosed with ED the net thing that you will follow is the treatment. There are various treatment that you can be offered depending on the type of problem you have. For those with complex problem like injuries then they can be booked for a surgical operation so that the problem can be rectified. In case there is a damage of the muscle or tissue in the penis it can then be rectified using this method.

Another method which is used for this treatment is use of pills that sold over the internet. Some of the brands which are on sale are almostimpotency in men similar in performance and it can even be hard to chose between viagra or cialis when you want to buy one of this drugs. They should be used after the doctor prescribe the drug to the patient even though many people even those who are not sick have continued to use the drugs for their sexual performance.

Injections of medication in the penis is another medical procedure that you can find in many clinics out there. This is mostly carried out where the penis has an infection that has caused it to be unable to have an erection or to maintain it.

Another treatment of this problem is chemotherapy where a person suffering from prostate cancer can be treated using this method. People who are suffering from cancer may need other form of treatment so that they can actually overcome this treatment and this is possible in highly equipped facility.

There is also another treatment method which involve injection of testosterone where this hormone is injected directly in the body so that it can boost the performance of the penis. A person with low hormone can actually suffer from this problem and the only way is only through injecting it into the body.

What to observe when choosing a medical facility for treatment

  • Reputation
  • Affordability
  • Skills of the doctors
  • Licenses to operate